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Stay Informed and Don't Stay Silent--It Matters

If you never donate a dollar to a not-for-profit, never volunteer a day in your life, never print out fliers, etc.--if all you are able or willing to do is stay informed that's something. Your educated opinion will leak out in one way or another and make a difference.

If you have educated yourself, you are equipped to correct misconceptions with facts and be a resource for others. This assumes that you are willing to step into conversations that are clearly not based on facts. And it's not always fun...

Here's a scenario: Your friend has very strong opinions about gun violence. This happens to be a cause that you have made it a point to learn about from a variety of unbiased sources Your friend says that most church shooters have some connection to the church. You know that what your friend is saying is not true, most church shooters have never attended and do not know anyone that attends the church. What your friend is saying is a common misconception that is not based on statistics.

Your choices are to stay silent or risk starting an argument. After all, you tell yourself, it won't change her mind. Or will it? Rest assured that even if your friend hears what you said and continues the conversation down the same line, she did hear you.

All of this applies to strangers too--don't be afraid to step into a conversation you hear at the grocery store.

You don't need to engage in an argument, but you do need to correct inaccuracies that are contributing to the problem. In fact, if you don't correct misstatements, YOU are contributing to the problem.

Stay informed and don't shy away from correcting facts with friends and strangers. When you do, you are contributing to a solution. Your informed opinion matters. Educate yourself and say something--it's your responsibility.

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