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Ways to Give Back

There are so many ways to give. Here are some.

1. Spend Money on Others Even a small gesture like buying someone a gum ball or a mint can increase your sense of happiness.

2. Spend Time with Others Spending time with someone can be just as or more meaningful as spending money on him or her. Our time is often worth more than our money.

3. Volunteer … Untraditionally You don't need to volunteer in the traditional sense of spending several hours a week at a program or institution to reap the benefits of doing good. Volunteering can mean visiting an elderly neighbor or running an errand for a friend. It can mean doing tax returns for a relative or walking your mom’s dog. 4. Be Emotionally Available Be emotionally available, generous, and hospitable. This is perhaps the most challenging form of giving — to always be there (mind, body, and spirit) — for our spouse, our kids, our parents.

5. Perform Acts of Kindness Almost any kind of spending time with others is a form of volunteering that can boost your mood. You can be as creative and involved as you want — devoting days to an elaborate project, or doing good in just a few seconds.

6. Compliment Someone It’s so easy and doesn’t cost anything.

7. Make Someone Laugh This is the most fun way of giving and one of the very best gifts you can offer.

8. Tell Your Story

It’s no small gesture of generosity. Telling your story can be immensely rewarding. Sometimes it can even be life-saving for you or for the person hearing your testimony.

Much of the above is from a Psyche Central Article that was originally posted on Sanity Break.

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